The DivX All In One Fix V1.95

Welcome to the DivX for Windows, All In One Fix Version 1.95

The quick fix will resolve most of the common problems you can encounter using the DivX Software. It was put together by Langecornu (Francois Gravel) and has proven to be both incredibly helpful but also relatively problem-free.

These fixes will typically inspect, reconfigure or disable third party software known to interfere with the normal use of DivX for Windows Software.

Some sections contain options for removing many filters that have the *potential* to interfere with the good operation of DivX for Windows. Some filters here may be required by other software on your system and by removing it, they may not run properly. You use this program entirely at your own risks.

First, download the All In One Fix


Choose which component of the fix you want to apply:

Audio Codecs Missing

MPEG1 Audio Codec Missing
This component will un-register the default mp3 filter that comes with your Operating System and then re-register it: ""
LPCM Audio Codec Missing
This component will un-register the LPCM audio codec and then re-register it: ""

Video Display Problem

Remove Bicubic resize filter
Included in many codec packs ex.: Nimo - Can cause no video to appear, or video that is upside down or mirrored
Remove Xvid filter
This removes the XviD DirectShow decoder filter. Many codec packs ex.:. Nimo feature Nic's build of the DirectShow filter that steals playback of DivX FourCC's. Unfortunately, most of these build can not playback all DX5 series video and the result is the start of files not playing, video appearing green, or other artifacting.
Remove G400 filter
This filter is part of several codec packs, including Nimo's, and causes video to play upside down. It should only be installed on systems using Matrox G400 cards in the first place.
Remove DivX Anti-freeze filter
This filter is included in codec packs (inc. Nimo) - May cause some instability with DivX Codec and Dr DivX as well.


Player off Limits

Sometime, when opening the DivX Player, it goes out of the screen but it is in the taskbar. This component will bring back the player in the middle of the screen. The player needs to be close before you run this fix.

Burning Engine Update

This will update the DivX Player Burning Engine to the latest version.

DivX Player Reset

This option will delete all the preferences already set in DivX Player. This could fix some bugs like runtime error, player freeze at startup etc...

Connection Diagnostic

If you have connection problem, problem to download VOD, to create an acocunt or to connect to your VOD account with DivX Player, Please select this option. This will run some tests on your computer and create a log file (connect.log). The file will be placed on your desktop. Please include this file when reporting your incident.

Explorer Crash When Opening a Folder

When opening a folder containing DivX or XviD .Avi files under some specific configurations, the thumbnail generation crash Windows Explorer. This option Disable the Thumbnail generation.

DivX Not in the List of Codecs

Choose this option if DivX is not in the list of the Codecs available from your favorite encoding application

Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 Bug

The program Easy Media Creator 9 from Roxio don't seem to be able to decode the DivX or Xvid file properly. If you apply this fix, the DivX Decoder should work properly. DivX needs to be reinstalled after you apply the patch. You dont need to uninstall, simply download the installer from the following link and run it.

Enable Language Selection(install)

If your DivX software installs in the wrong language please uninstall the software then check this option and re-install the DivX software to be prompted with a language selection.

Installation Override

If your system will not let you install the DivX Software or is prompting you that you already have the latest version of the software installed check this option and then try installing the DivX software.

Enable OVS Debug

If you are having problems downloading VOD content from one of our partner's, try enabling this and it will create a log file on your desktop when you access our VOD/OVS system. Send this file along with your support inquiry to the support team here.



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